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About Project #RESUS

Project #RESUS is a program of Shared Harvest Foundation and is dedicated to addressing the crisis of structural inequities experienced by BIPOC medical practitioners by tackling tough issues and improving their financial and emotional wellbeing.  In order to truly advance health equity and improve access to caring, compassionate, trusted and diverse medical professionals, we first have to resuscitated the BIPOC medical practitioner pipeline.  


Shared Harvest was founded in 2018 by three female doctors who saw and experienced firsthand the inequities faced by our BIPOC medical workforce.  We know that:


  1. On average, we lose one doctor a day to suicide.  Our medical workforce is exhausted, depressed, and anxious.

  2. Nearly 60% of doctors indicate that they have had feelings of burnout, and the medical field experiences the highest rates of burnout compared to other professions, impacting the longevity of the field and patient care.

  3. Practitioners of Color report daily attacks and micro-aggressions that contribute to White Coat Trauma and increased stress in the workplace.

  4. 40% of Black graduates have student loan debt from graduate school compared to 22% of White graduates.  Black and female gendered practitioners are most impacted by the racial wealth gap and financial inequities exacerbated by burdensome medical student debt.


These statistics are not changing - in fact, they have been getting worse every year since COVID-19.  We know that we cannot wait  any longer to do something.  The time to act and do better for our BIPOC medical workforce is NOW.  


We can’t do this alone.  We need your help.


How can you help?

There are lots of ways you can help move this work forward.

  1. Learn about the inequities and issues facing our BIPOC medical workforce

  2. Listen to BIPOC medical practitioners and give them space to tell their stories

  3. Support our efforts and partner with us to make meaningful change

  4. Promote Project #RESUS and encourage BIPOC medical practitioners to get involved

Take the Pledge and commit to taking concrete steps towards strengthening our BIPOC Medical Workforce

  1. I believe that our BIPOC medical practitioner pipeline is in crisis and that we must do more to ensure that our practitioners and our patients are healthy.

  2. I pledge to learn more about the issues impacting our BIPOC medical practitioner workforce, including debt inequities and mental health concerns.

  3. I pledge to engage in meaningful organizational change to address the inequities faced by our BIPOC medical practitioner workforce.

  4. I pledge to promote safe spaces for BIPOC medical practitioners.

  5. I pledge to listen and learn from our BIPOC medical practitioners.

  6. I pledge to share the resources provided by Project #RESUS with our workforce.

  7. I pledge to partner with Shared Harvest and support its work to create a healthier BIPOC medical workforce.

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