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To support PROJECT RESUS and our outreach and engagement campaign through I AM NOT YOUR HERO, please make a tax-deductible donation to Shared Harvest Foundation.


I Am Not Your Hero reveals the twin perils of health inequities and systemic racism that plague America’s medical system and are faced by the next generation of doctors and nurses seeking to serve their communities.  The U.S. Healthcare System is in a workforce crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic has just exacerbated this crisis. Our frontline workers are mentally, emotionally, and financially exhausted. 34% of healthcare providers will experience burnout and leave the industry in the next four years.  If we do not act now, the number of Black, Indigenous and other people of color (BIPOC) in health care will decline exponentially.  


 The goal of Project #RESUS (short for resuscitation) is to resuscitate the BIPOC medical provider pipeline which increases the ability to advance health equity and provide quality and cultural competent care for everyone.  The endangerment of the BIPOC medical providers is a public health crisis which adversely impacts access to quality and equitable care in vulnerable communities in the U.S. and across the globe.  Our model combines intentional student loan forgiveness and mental health support for clinicians, PAs, Nurses, and other allied health professionals. Through the documentary, I Am Not Your Hero and Project #RESUS, Shared Harvest launches this campaign and pilot that aims to eliminate $20 million dollars in student loan debt over the next three years for Black and Brown providers who volunteer with our health equity community partners.  Learn more by watching this message from Shared Harvest's Co-Creator, Dr. Joanne Moreau.  Click the link below and learn more about how you can get involved with Project #RESUS as a donor, angel investor, therapist, advocate and or volunteer.  

Shared Harvest 

Shared Harvest Fund and Foundation (SHF) is a mission-driven benefit corporation dedicated to spreading compassion through
wellness, service, and student debt relief. OUR GOAL is to transform the culture of healthcare by
combating structural racism, addressing workforce inequities, and increase access to a diverse
community of clinicians who have improved emotional well-being.


The journey of SHF started with three exceptional Black Women Physician Founders with a vision of disrupting the fintech world with empathy-driven financial technology (empatech) that allowed individuals to volunteer away their burdensome student loan debt one social good at a time.  It became the first of its kind volunteer management solution intended to transform the liability of student debt into an asset class for social change.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, SHF made a resilient shift to address both the crisis of student debt and the social and political determinants of health. Backed by Google for Startups Black Founders Fund, the founders of Shared Harvest used their empatech tech stack to launch MyCovidMD™, a free public telehealth platform integrated with pop-up community clinics to tackle health inequities and the digital divide by providing real trusted resources to residents in real time.  During the pandemic, they became pioneers in bridging a community centered emergency response that also delivered on student loan debt relief for its essential volunteers.

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